Property Repair Checklist 2

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Property Repair Checklist


Address                            Yr Built         Br/Ba         SqFt

Roof (curled, wavy)                                 $
Yard (gutters? dead trees? junk cars? fence? landscaping, extra lot? dimensions?)        $
Driveway (exist? broken? shared w/neighbor [easement]?)            $
Deck / Porch (add: dimensions/ repair) ?                    $
Gutters  (holes, missing drain pipes, non-existent)                $
Structural (rotten/sagging/missing beams, piers, sill plate?)             $
Crawl/Bsmt wet (seep thru found., re-slope yard/soil, leaky plumbing/HWH, furn drain line)?    $
Heat & A/C (furnace/compressor condition? exist? if no, electrical?)        $
Plumbing (galvanized/gray steel or white PVC) ?                $
Electrical (2-prong outlets? fuses/circ breakers? amps? skinny/thick main line?)        $
Paint exterior (brick?) & interior                            $
Paint Interior                                    $
Demolition (describe and guestimate qty of dumpsters and demo labor $10/hr )        $
Flooring (wobbly/weak :structural; water/urine stains, carpet over bad hdwds? % replacing)    $
Drywall (qty of new walls/ceil, wall/ceil patch) ? Insulation?            $
Carpentry Trim (stairs? new ceil moudling, baseboards, doors/window mould) ?        $
Kitchen (repair/replace cabs? appliances? sinks) ?                    $
Bathrooms  (repair/replace cabs? toilet? bath/sinks) ?                    $
Lighting Fixtures (lights, ceiling fans, security lights, smoke alarms) ?    $
Plumbing Fixtures (faucets, shower heads, sinks)                $
Windows / Doors (qty to replace/repair?)                    $
Insulation (Check if addt’l required in attic)                    $
Addition (size? remember to use addtl, after-addition, total sq footage in above formulas)    $
Alarm                                        $
Cleaning & Hauling                                $
Staging                                        $

Grand Total                                        $

Property Repair Estimator

We refer to a small house (no more than 1,200sq ft, probably worth no more than $100k), medium house (approx. 1,300-1,800 sq. ft, worth $100k-$150k), and large house (approx. 1900+ sq. ft, worth $150k ++). Most of the rehab formulas are based on the interior square footage of the house:

Roof: Tear-off & re-roof = $1.75 x sq. ft, if it has uneven decking=$2.75 x sq. ft;
Landscape: $250-$500 small, $500-$1,000 medium-large. Fence: $5 / ft chain link; $12 / ft wood/privacy ft
Driveway: Concrete driveway/sidewalk runs $5 per sq. ft (assuming normal height 2-4” pour)
Deck: $2,000 10×10, $3,000-$4,000 up to 15×15
Gutters: $550 small; $800-$1,000 mid-large
Structural: Replace/repair sill plate (jack up house) = $4000 for *entire sill plate* perimeter, or prorate for less. approx $200 – $400 / pier (brick/block/steel columns under house). Approx $300 / 12 ft joist/beam replaced.
HVAC:  New HVAC & duct: $3,500 small, $3,500-5,000 medium-large; add A/C only: 50% of full prices
Plumbing: Re-plumb (rough-in only) a whole house = $2,500-small, $3,000-medium, $3,500-large Water Heater = $300
Electric: All new wire: $3,000  small; $3,500-$4,000 medium-large; $1,500 to replace main box only
Paint: Interior: $2.50/sq. ft; exterior:$1.50/sq. ft
Flooring: Carpet/linoleum/refinish hardwoods: avg. $1.75/sq. ft; Install new hardwoods: $6-$6.50/sq. ft.
Drywall: Whole house $4.00/sq. ft.; additional $1.25/sq. ft. if ceilings also
Trim Carpentry: Trim interior/carpentry work runs about $2,500 small; $3,000-$5,000 medium; $5,000-$7,000 large
Kitchen:  Cabinetry, countertop, sink: full parts & labor is about $120/linear ft. of cabinets for decent kitchen, up to $150/ft for very nice kitchen. On average, a kitchen update costs appox.: $800-$1,500 (re-paint/repair cabs, replace countertop); and runs about $2,500-$4,000 to rebuild from scratch. Appliances: Gas Stove/oven:  $450-$550    Electric stove/oven: $275-$400   Dishwasher $220-$240 Refrigerator $600-1,000
Bathrooms: New: $1,000 medium-large; $1,500 for a nice master. Simple upgrade: $300-$600  Re-glaze tub $250-$300
Lighting Fixtures: Replace all light fixtures runs about $500 small, $800 medium-large
Plumbing Fixtures: Replace all plumbing fixtures runs about $500 small, $800 medium-large
Window/Doors: Replace , parts & labor $150 for avg. size double-hung window, $100 for interior door, $250-$700 for exterior door
Insulation: $450-600 for attic
Addition: Approx. $15 per sq ft added to cover the “rough-in skeleton” (foundation, roofing and wall framing only)
Alarm: $400-500 depending on number of motion detectors required
Cleaning: Final $300-$500 Dumpster: $250-$500 small jobs, $600-$1800 large job
Staging: Varies $400 – $700
Miscellaneous: Guesstimate hours of labor x $10 (unskilled) or $30-50/hr (skilled)
Tile:  Material: You can find liquidator products as low as $1.50/sq. ft. An avg. price for decent tile is about $2.50-$4.00/sq. ft.   Labor: $6-$10/sq.ft.

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