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Trust Name:                            Name of the Trust                      Date: Date
Property Address          Property Address

State of State in which documents are being signed
County of County in which Document is Signed

The undersigned, Trustee for Name of Trust, a land trust created under the laws of the State of Georgia (hereinafter referred to as the “Trust”) hereby certifies as follows.

The name of the Trust is Name of the Trust;

The mailing address of the Trust is: Mailing Address of Trust;

The Trust holds title to the following Property:

Legal Description of the Property

Name of Resigning Trustee has resigned as Trustee of the Trust;

Name of Successor Trustee has been appointed as Successor Trustee, with full right title and authority to the Trust as the resigning Trustee;

This Appointment has been made with the unanimous approval and consent of the Beneficiaries of the Trust, and Name of Successor Trustee is hereby named as Trustee to represent all of their beneficial interests in the Trust and to act as Trustee and fiduciary for said interests.

Signed, sealed and delivered in the presence of:

Witness                                           ___________________________________
                                                       Name of Successor Trustee

Notary Public

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