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Notice of Intent to Vacate

Notice of Intent to Vacate0001

The notice to vacate urges a guest at a hotel or motel to vacate the room in clear and straight forward terms. The notice is short and crisp, and conveys the urgency and graveness of the hotel or motel authority regarding the issue. If and when, guests cause problems or circumstances which are unacceptable to the hotel or motel authority, such a form can be used.

The form is particularly useful for issuing notice to guests who are not paying the dues for their stay or are causing trouble to other guests or the hotel/motel authority. Under such circumstances, such a notice to vacate can be issued to the particular guest.

The notice states that the hotel or motel authority no longer wishes to accommodate the particular person(s) as their guest. They are requested to clear out all their belongings from the room as soon as possible and to leave the premises of the hotel at once after receiving this notice. The guests are asked to leave in composed yet strict terms.

The notice also points out that if the guest does not take the notice seriously, that is, if he chooses to continue his stay, disregarding the orders of the authority, even after he has received the notice, then the authorities shall be compelled to get the police involved. Disregarding this notice shall lead to legal complaints against the person and thereafter, the person shall be charged to the full extent by law.

At the end of the form, it is signed and dated by the Manager of the hotel/motel.

Notice of Intent to Vacate

Notice of Intent to Vacate


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To: ____________________________________
From: _________________________________
Date: __________________________________

Please be advised that on _______________________ (Date) we intend to move from our residence at _____________________________________________________ (Address).

We understand that our Rental Agreement calls for _______ days’ notice before we move and that this is _______ days’ notice.  We understand that we are responsible for paying
rent through the end of the notice period called for in the Rental Agreement or until another tenant approved by the management has moved in, whichever comes first.

We understand that our deposits will be refunded within _________ days after we have moved out completely and returned our keys to the management, so long as we leave our dwelling reasonably clean and undamaged.

Reasons for leaving: ______________________________________________________
Forwarding address: _______________________________________________________

In accordance with our rental agreement, we agree to allow the management to show our dwelling to prospective tenants at any and all reasonable times.

Tenant _________________________    Tenant _________________________

Received by _____________________    Date: ____________


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