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Notice Nonpayment of Rent

Notice Nonpayment of Rent0001

Free notice nonpayment of rent form

A property is rented with an intention to earn. The process of lending a particular area benefits both the owner and the tenant. If the owner is benefitted financially, the tenant is equally benefitted from that particular place which he can use as per his requirement. The relationship between the owner and the tenant strengthens if the rules that are mutually agreed upon by both the parties are religiously followed.

However, in some cases if the tenant fails to pay the rent on monthly basis, the owner has full authority to issue a notice against him and ask him to leave his premise within a stipulated time period.

The free notice nonpayment of rent form talks extensively about why the tenant needs to leave the premises. Cause i.e. nonpayment of the rent is clearly mentioned in the notice. The landowner also mentions by when the occupant needs to leave the premises.

The notice further mentions the total amount of rent that is due for payment. The landlord even gives the renter the liberation of paying the arrearage and continues possessing the property for future use.

Printable real estate forms are also needed to be filled and signed by both the parties. Only after being filled properly the mutually agreed rules and guidelines are understood and considered to be legalized.

Issuing of such notices is done in most extreme cases where the occupant fails to act as per the norms set by his landowner. These are considered as the most unfortunate cases in any such kind of dealings.

Notice Nonpayment of Rent


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Date: ________________________

To: _________________________

RE: Notice to Quit Premises – Nonpayment of Rent You are hereby notified to quit and deliver up the premises you now hold as our tenant, to wit: __________________________________________________________________
_________________________ in or within ___________ days of the receipt of this notice.

This notice is given due to nonpayment of rent.  The present amount due for rent arrearage is $ _____________.  You may redeem your tenancy by full payment of said arrears within _____ days of receipt of this notice.



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