Landlord’s Rules and Regulations

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Landlord’s Rules and Regulations

REGARDING THE PROPERTY LOCATED AT __________________________________________

NOTICE:  These rules and regulations are being given to assist in explaining Landlord’s policies and requirements.  From time to time Landlord, at its discretion, may amend these rules and regulations for the purposes for which they were adopted.  Tenant agrees to comply with these rules and regulations as they may be amended.  Any Exceptions or waivers must be authorized by Landlord in writing.  These rules and regulations are in addition to any provisions as written in the Residential Lease Agreement.

Tenant will immediately turn on all utilities in their own name as required.  Landlord will not be responsible for utilities and will turn off utilities effective with the commencement date of the lease agreement.  Tenant will be responsible for utilities beginning with the commencement date and will reimburse Landlord for any utility costs incurred after the commencement date of the lease.

Landlord has a strict collection policy for the non-payment of rent.  Rent is due on the first of each month, and will be accepted until the fourth of each month with no penalty.  However, if payment has not been received by the first (1st) of the month, you will be in DEFAULT and Landlord will immediately send a “3-DAY NOTICE TO VACATE THE PROPERTY FOR NON-PAYMENT OF RENT” to protect Landlord’s property rights.  Landlord may accept rent after the fourth of the month, which must be paid by auto-draft, cashier’s check, or money order only.  Landlord will continue all legal courses of action to terminate the lease and gain possession of the Property in the event rent is not received or accepted.   In addition to any rent owed, tenant will also be responsible for any court fees, attorney fees, or other costs of collection plus the late fees as described in the lease.  Landlord highly recommends Tenant enroll in the Auto-Draft Payment Program to have all rent payments debited directly from Tenants bank account on the last day of each month for the following month’s rent.

Tenant will abide by all Homeowner’s Association requirements and will keep property neat with lawn mowed and edged.  Tenant will not store personal items like trailers, trashcans, etc. outside where they can be seen from the street.  If Homeowner’s Association sends a deed restriction letter regarding the property, tenant will comply immediately with request or Landlord will take corrective action and charge tenant cost plus $50.00 for handling, unless said violation is out of tenant’s control, then Landlord will take corrective action and tenant will be responsible solely for the repair deductible as described in the lease agreement.

It is tenant’s duty to keep the property clean and in good condition by making minor repairs to property as needed.  Tenant will notify Landlord of any repair needed that will cost in excess of $100.00 so Landlord may schedule the repair as may be required.  Tenant will be responsible for the repair deductible as shown in the lease, and Landlord will be responsible for the balance of the cost of the repair, unless the repair is caused by negligence or abuse, then tenant will be responsible for the entire cost of the repair.  Under no circumstances will Landlord be responsible for the cost of the repair if tenant has repair made without written authorization from Landlord or without using contractors from Landlord’s approved list.  In this event, tenant will be fully responsible for any and all costs.  Repairs will generally be scheduled during normal business hours, Monday thru Friday, between 8:00 am and 5:00 pm.  Tenant or tenant’s representative needs to be at the property during repairs.

No animals may be brought or kept on the property unless a fully executed Pet Addendum is made part of the Lease.  If tenant violates the pet restrictions they will be charged additional rent for each unauthorized pet as described in the lease.  The standard charge is $10.00/day for each unauthorized pet.

No modification to the Property and leased premises may be made unless authorized by Landlord, in writing, or permitted by the lease.

No illegal or offensive activity is permitted on the Property nor is any activity that constitutes a nuisance or interferes with the rights of a neighbor.

Landlord has hazard insurance on the Property that covers the dwelling but does not cover the tenant’s personal items.  Tenant is encouraged to get Renter’s Insurance to cover personal items and personal liability.  Tenant may contact Landlord’s insurance agent (Mabel Bryant Insurance at 281-397-7899) or an insurance agent of their choice to secure such insurance.

If tenant is notified by Landlord in writing of the different options for lease renewal, tenant must notify Landlord of their choice within 10 days of receipt or Landlord will assume tenant does not want to continue tenancy.  If Landlord does not receive written confirmation of tenant’s choice for renewal, tenant agrees to pay the month-to-month lease rate if tenant continues to reside in the property after the termination of the current lease term.

Upon termination of the lease, tenant will leave Property clean and ready to move-in for the next tenant.  Tenant will be responsible for any required repairs to Property.  Tenant’s security deposit refund will be handled as described in the lease.

Acknowledged Receipt by: _________________________________________ (Tenant) on ______________________ (Date)

Acknowledged Receipt by: _________________________________________ (Tenant) on ______________________ (Date)

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