Interspousal Grant Deed

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Interspousal grant deed


Recording requested by: _________[name of grantee]
and when recorded mail to: _________[grantee’s name and address]
Mail tax statements to: _________[grantee’s name and address]
(Excluded from Reappraisal Under Proposition 13)
The undersigned Grantor declares:
[______]  The Documentary transfer tax is $______.
[______]  There is no consideration for this transfer.
This is an interspousal transfer under Revenue & Taxation Code ’63. Grantee has checked the applicable exclusion:
[______]  From joint tenancy to community property;
[______]  From one spouse to both spouses;
[______]  From one spouse to the other spouse;
[______]  From both spouses to one spouse;
[______]  Other: _________[describe other applicable circumstance]
Grantor, _________[include capacity, if appropriate] hereby grants to grantee, _________[include capacity, if appropriate] the real property located in _________[city and county], California, commonly known as _________, and more particularly described in Exhibit A, incorporated by reference to this document.
Dated: _________
[Signature, name, and capacity of grantor, if applicable]
[Attach exhibits]

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