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Change by Agreement

Change by Agreement

Change by Agreement


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Change by agreement.

All the restrictions, conditions, covenants, and agreements contained in this deed (except _________) shall continue in force until the _________ of _________, and shall be continued automatically and without further notice from that time for a period of _________ years, and thereafter for successive periods of _________ years, without limitation, unless, within the _________ months prior to the _________ day of _________[month], _________[year], or within the _________ months prior to the expiration of any successive _________-year period, a written agreement, executed by the then record owners of more than one half in area of all _________ lots, be placed on record in the office of the recorder of deeds in and for _________ county by the terms of which agreement any of the conditions, restrictions, covenants, liens, or charges are changed, modified, or extinguished, in whole or in part, as to all or any part of the property originally subject to them in the manner and to the extent provided. In the event that any written agreement of change or modification is duly executed and recorded, the original conditions, restrictions, covenants, liens, and charges as modified shall continue in force for successive periods of _________ years each, unless and until further changed, modified, or extinguished in the manner provided.


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