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Alabama-Warranty Deed 2

Alabama-Warranty Deed 2

Alabama-Warranty Deed


Alabama-Warranty Deed 2, 10.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating
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Alabama—Warranty deed.

I, _________[name of grantor], for the consideration of _________ dollars [or as the case may be],  the receipt of which is hereby acknowledged, hereby grant [or “grant, bargain, sell and convey,” or the like]  to _________[state name or names of grantee or grantees], his [or “their”] heirs and assigns forever,  the following described real property situated in the county of _________, state of Alabama: _________, with all the rights, easements and appurtenances thereto belonging not herein expressly reserved or excepted [excepting and reserving to me _________].
To have and to hold the aforegranted premises to the said _________, his heirs and assigns, forever.
I further covenant  with _________, his heirs and assigns, forever [add any desired covenants].
[If deed is conditional.] This deed is made and accepted on the following conditions [or “conditions precedent,” or “conditions subsequent,” or both], _________.
[Add any desired restrictions as to use of property conveyed, including any building restrictions.]
[Add any other clause or clauses.]
If deed is of husband and wife, there may be added here: And for the consideration aforesaid, _________[name of husband and wife] hereby release to the grantee and his heirs and assigns all rights of or to both dower and homestead in the granted premises.]
In witness whereof, I [or “we,” if more than one grantor or if wife joins in deed of husband] have hereunto set my [or “our”] hand [or “hands”] and seal [or “seals”]  this _________ day of _________[month], _________[year].
[Signature and seal of grantor]
In the presence of:

[Acknowledgment or certificate of attesting witness]


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