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HUD 1 Settlement Statement-Assorted Legal Forms

HUD 1 Settlement Statement

Meaning of HUD-1 Settlement Statement


The HUD-1 Settlement Statement is used to itemize all the fees of service that has been borrowed by the lender or the broker when a loan is applied to purchase or to refinance the real estate. The full form of HUD is department of housing and urban development. HUD-1 can be inspected by the lender a day prior to settlement. And the form is filled by the agent under whom the settlement will be conducted. From 2010 this also has the GFE that stands for Good Faith Estimate.

Department of Housing and Urban Development gives a picture of traction that is closed and gives both the party a list of incoming funds as well as outgoing funds. Here all the buyers are referred to as borrowers even if there is no loan. It is also known to be as closing sheet.

HUD is important since it signifies the involvement of the department of the U.S. Government which is entrusted with the responsibility for legislation pertaining to home ownership and development of property. The importance of HUD-1 is accentuated since it provides the amount due from the buyer and to the seller. It covers sale price, value of property and the gross settlement charges. It also provides space for adjustments of advance, adjustments for items unpaid, cash settlement, etc. In addition, charges such as broker fees, fees related to advance, title charges, government recording charges, etc are also covered. Further, it also covers details of interest rate, payment details, etc.



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