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Acquisition management letter

Acquisition management letter

What is acquisition management?

The OAM or office of Acquisition Management is in charge for all financial assistance, contracting as well as associated activities that are necessary to accomplish the needs of the different missions of the department via the business relationships. It develops as well as supports the strategies, procurement, and procedure’s operational elements. The authority starts from the secretary to different procurement executives (senior). An organization of over 200 acquisitions professionals in Washington, DC, Regional Procurement Support Office – Germany, Frankfurt, and Regional Procurement Support Office – Florida, Fort Lauderdale.

The department spends approximately ninety percent of the budget for different contracts. That makes the department one of the biggest departments that belong to federal government. Basically, it is like a private organization helping government for a better living. It creates a win-win situation for both the government and the business organization. Ultimately, it benefits the people through better service. If the organization fails to meet certain rules and regulation established by the government will not be able to continue their service.

The process of acquisition happens like this. First, the Acquisition management decides the amount to be spent on a particular mission. Then they let the business organization know the budget. This business organization should not exceed the limit. Within that quote, many business organizations can bid. The organization, which has the lower bid, will have the opportunity to serve the management. Proper agreements will be created. Both parties cannot go against the rule. Once it is mentioned will remain as it is. In the case of a bad service or on any condition, the agreement is breached the agreement will be terminated.

Acquisition management letter


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