Subcontractor Bid Request Form And Standardized Scope of Wor.doc (81.1 KiB)


Subcontractor Bid Request Form


Bid Request For Property Address ______________

All Bids are Due No Later Than  5:05 pm on ______________________

Please Bid the following items:

New Roof:  tear off existing and replace with 3-tab 20 year composition shingles
-Weathered Wood Color
-#15 felt
-galvanized flashing for valleys
-1-1/2 X 1-1/2 galvanized drip edge
-Replace turbines
-Replace lead boot jacks as necessary
-Replace rotted fascia as necessary

Evaluate and Replace Garage Doors as necessary

Prepare, Remodel and Paint the exterior and interior of the house, including the garage
-See attached Items on Scope of Work

Provide and install carpet and vinyl
-Carpet:  Tanglewild Shetland, ½” 4# rebond pad
-Vinyl:  Initiator 66025

Final Cleaning of house and yard, ready for occupancy

Bid Submitted By:     _____________________________    Total Bid Price:  $_______________
Includes Materials, Labor and Taxes
Contact:        _____________________________

Phone:            _____________________________

Fax:            _____________________________

THE Pinnacle Group LLC

Standardized Items on Scope of Work (Total Rehabs)

Wallpaper borders in kitchens, kitchen eating area and bathrooms
Levered (scroll) doorknobs on all interior doors (Kwikset?)
New polished brass doorknobs, deadbolts, and peepholes on all doors leading to exterior (Kwikset)
Mini-blinds on all windows; verticals on sliding glass doors
Winter white latex interior paint on all walls and ceilings (Monarch Mo-pa-ko)
White high gloss enamel on all wood trim, cabinets and doors (Monarch)
Replace as necessary with polished brass all existing knobs and pulls on all cabinets and drawers
All new polished brass light fixtures:  frosted swirls in kitchen and kitchen eating area; chandelier in formal dining room; white and brass ceiling fans in all bedrooms; front lanterns (size based on house sales price); vanity fixture in bathrooms with white vanity bulbs; small globes in hallways; jelly jars at exterior doors
Replace all switches and plugs if painted over or dirty.  Replace cover plates
New wood toilet seats
New drip pans on range
Allowance of $300 for landscaping/mulch for front of house
Paint the breaker box, AC disconnect box, etc. same color as exterior if outside (no rust)
Replace air filters
Replace Kitchen sink and faucet with stainless sink; replace bathroom sinks if rusted or chipped; resurface bathtubs if necessary
Scrape out old caulk and recaulk at tubs and vanity tops
New vanity, sink and faucet in bathroom if only one cabinet (Material cost about $90)
Replace dripping/non-working bathroom faucets
Paint inside of fireplace black
Cut down or replace mirrors with noticeable deterioration
Install toilet paper holders and towel bars in bathrooms
Smoke detectors on ceiling above door in every bedroom and in kitchen
Repair or replace as necessary all window screens (anodized aluminum unless existing is different)
Replace all non-working light bulbs
Replace or install doorbell as necessary
Make sure all windows are capable of locking
Install slider door pin
Install polished brass door stops
New mailbox if necessary
Install large house address numbers (Polished brass)
Treat all natural wood finish with Murphy’s soap or Pledge
Remove all wallpaper and contact paper during paint prep
Paint interior of garage and broom clean at end of job
Replace all rotten wood
Replace hot water heater as necessary
Replace Garage doors as necessary

Haul away all trash; pick up paper, bottles, newspapers in yard
Mow yard, edge, and blow off sidewalks and driveways
Clean entire house including windows in and out, oven/range, dishwasher, sweep garage, wipe out cabinets and drawers, clean top of water heater, neatly roll up cable TV wires
Inspect to make sure all HVAC, plumbing, and electrical systems are functioning properly
Install appliances as directed by Owner

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